See for yourself just how unsafe white PVC vinyl exhaust duct really is. This vent type is not intended for clothes dryers and is a dangerous fire hazard.

All it takes is a spark… We all grew up with white dryer flex duct and it did the job. Since that, we have learned so much more on its status. It’s no secret that that the knowledge and official warnings on this product highly discourage its use for venting a clothes dryer.  Fire Chiefs, Building Inspectors, even dryer manufacturer's Installation Guides prohibit the use of the white vinyl flex and even includes the wire-bound foil flex as banned for safe dryer venting. 

An informative video will show you the intense flammability of the white dryer flex duct. This video shows an actual untouched section of white vinyl flex found in a home. The white exhaust flex is substantially blocked with lint build-up, and just a spark was enough to ignite the product into a dangerous and very chilling scenario. 

This improper venting condition still exists in homes today and should be replaced with a safer option that’s UL Listed, crush-resistant and prevents lint build up: DryerFlex.  DryerFlex allows the highest amount of airflow through the exhaust duct with the least amount of resistance. By doing this, the high velocity air is able to expel as much lint as possible with minimal buildup in the smooth duct interior.

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