Dryerbox® Purpose:

The Dryerbox is an in-wall recessed receptacle in the laundry room that houses the dryer exhaust duct. It has changed the way of venting a dryer, contributing to improved dryer performance, safer, more efficient and roomier homes. The Dryerbox protects the exhaust duct against crushing from appliance movement, keeps the air flowing and helps to eliminate lint build up. 

Dryerbox Advantages:

The dryer exhaust duct is housed within the Dryerbox receptacle, freeing up needed space so the dryer can be pushed closer to the wall. The laundry room will appear larger.

The Dryerbox eliminates the bends and kinks in exhaust duct that will trap lint, causing it to build up over time to create the perfect environment for a dryer fire. Avoiding extra bends and kinks behind the dryer reduces the fire hazard associated with venting a dryer, shortens drying times, saves on energy bills and appliance wear and tear.

There are two categories of Dryerboxes: Dryerboxes for new construction and Dryerboxes for existing construction or retrofit situations. 

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