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DryerFlex maintains its 4 inch diameter regardless of duct stretching or compression.DryerFlex fully connected to Dryerbox and to back of dryer.
8 feet of DryerFlex dryer exhaust duct.DryerFlex fully connected to the Dryerbox and back of the dryer.
Image showing 25 feet of DryerFlex exhaust duct.Image showing a comparison of rigidity, compression and flamespread resistance for foil duct, semi-rigid duct and DryerFlex duct.
Innovative lightweight aluminum ell that turns 90° within a 4 1/2" space. Great for uses in tight turn locations.
Simply a 30 gauge galvanized 3.75" long nipple or adapter.
A super useful tool or applicator for flattening foil tape for proper duct sealing