DryerFlex is the code-compliant exhaust duct for dryers to perform at maximum efficiency and it makes laundry rooms safer.

The easiest way to make your laundry room safer is by using the right transition duct. Dryers naturally vibrate and become pushed back against the wall, crushing the duct and creating a dangerous fire hazard. 

DryerFlex is Code Compliant

The code-compliant DryerFlex is crush and kink resistant. Made with aluminum and galvanized zinc-coated wire, it’s as flexible as slinky foil but stronger than semi-rigid aluminum. Its flexibility allows for easy installation and provides the best functionality of the older style transition ducts without the defects.

DryerFlex Maintains Its Diameter

DryerFlex always maintains its 4-inch diameter, whether fully extended or compressed so lint won’t become trapped at crush points that can easily form in semi-rigid ducts.  The smooth interior and crush-resistant design allow the dryer to perform at peak efficiency.

Flame Resistance

DryerFlex is UL Listed and protects against flamespread, making it safer than traditional transition ducts.

For an exhaust duct that is safe, efficient and crush resistant, choose DryerFlex. DryerFlex is available in three lengths, 4', 8' and 25'.  Learn more about The DryerFlex Advantage.

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