An image of a clothes dryer to go with the article Selecting the correct dryer cycle

Selecting the Correct Dryer Cycle

Keeping you safe
The Dryerbox reduces the risk of fire damage in the event of a dryer fire

Top 5 reasons to install the Dryerbox

Dryer Fire Prevention
DryerFlex - the toughest transition hose available.

DryerFlex features and benefits

Cross section showing various gear mechanisms

Common Dryer Problems

Clogged Vent
DryerFlex is the code-compliant exhaust duct for dryers to perform at maximum efficiency and it makes laundry rooms safer.

The easiest way to make laundry rooms safer

Dryer Fire Prevention
A video showing five dangers to check for in a home that could lead to a dryer fire.

5 tips to reduce the risk of home fires

Dryer Fire Prevention
Rossen Reports segment on dryer sheets, their cost and the chemicals they contain.

Going Green

Keeping you safe
A laundry room with a youngster helping with the household laundry

Tips to prevent a dryer fire

Clogged Vent
BetterVenting is offering some dryer safety tips to keep your dryer operating at peak performance and eliminating the risk of a dryer fire

Dryer Safety Tips

Dryer Fire Prevention