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4" x 39" Flex Aluminum Duct

Part Number: 439
Created specifically for the models 425, 350, 480, 500 and 400 Dryerboxes but with very innovative custom ends. This is only available from our store and features an adaptive coupling on one end and a special expanded end on the other that better secures these fragile connections. It measures 4" in diameter by 39" long (when stretched out) and 13" when compressed. This product has been custom cut to best fit the models 425, 350, 480, 500  and 400 Dryerbox conditions. Any longer than 13" compressed may prevent the dryer from being located right against the wall. This aluminum flex product is almost always specified by the appliance manufacturer and offers the most efficient flexible transition hose as well as the safest. 

Please note: This is not long enough to be used with the "Down Boxes" (4D and 3D) but is a no brainer to purchase along with the 425, 350, 480, 500 and 400 models. Use part number 448 for 4D and 3D models.

Price: $4.40



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