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Large 6 inch Collar Roof Vent

Part Number: DJK688
This rather large galvanized roof cap has a plate size of 14" x 14" and the structure is 8" x 8" and about 8" high.  It has a 6 inch diameter collar that is typically found in commercial dryers or range hoods.  There is no screen in this vent as it is assumed it is being used for clothes dryers.  Unlike other roof vents this light-weight damper is curved which increases the efficiency dramatically.  The opening is about 15% larger than the round pipe portion and with the curved damper, there is minimal restriction.  The collar penetrates the plate about 3 inches and is sealed to the plate with a silicone bead.  Note: Not recommended for use with a very high-profile roof tile like true Spanish Barrel as there is only 5 inches between the opening and the bottom plate.  With the slope on the damper and the smooth surface, the vent/damper should make it difficult for a bird to build a nest.  This vent is proudly made in the USA.
Note: We do not guarantee this roof mounted fitting will prevent rain water intrusion from wind-blown rain or torrential storm conditions. Professional installation is recommended.

Price: $34.95



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