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DryerTrap - Secondary Lint Trap

Part Number: DT4
This Secondary Lint Trap is popular and is used with multiple motives.  NOTE: It is designed to be installed (recessed) in the cell of a 2x6 wall.  Many of our customers have alternatively installed it outside of the wall with leakage issues.  Please read the section below detailing the modifications necessary to minimize pressurized discharge when not recessing the DryerTrap in the wall cavity. 
This 180-degree lint trap exhibits male and female 4 inch connections connected to the 6x6x5.5” deep body (depth measurements are from the rear of the box to the nailing flange [5.5"], there is another .75" from the flange to the front rim).  Framing stud mounting flanges are on each side.  The cover plate door and integral screen is designed to friction lock against ½” or 5/8” drywall.  The unit is sturdy, well designed and reasonably efficient.  It features one hand operation with the door and screen combined as one solid unit. The door is finished in appliance white (powder coated) with clear inspection window. With a 5-1/2" depth, it can be installed in nominal 6" wood or metal stud walls.  Screen is two layers of metal screen hemmed in a frame. 
Hanging the DryerTrap on the wall or setting the unit on the floor is ok but requires a modification to prevent the pressurized discharge from escaping.  Apply to the inside flat portion of the door circumference a strip of foam style weather-stripping. When closed, the rim will seal against the foam strip minimizing any leakage of air and lint. 

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